The Titanic may have sank back in 1912, but with the help of new technology, you can re-imagine the heartbreaking event today.

Violent video games have long been debated in society, but this one has taken a turn from violent to extremely disrespectful.

GOT A CHANCE TO MEET JUICY RECENTLY & HE’S COOL AS A FAN… BUT I’M NOT SURE ABOUT THIS GAME! ACCORDING TO THEURBANDAILY.COM: Just as you thought Juicy J‘s ubiquitous hit “Bandz A Make Her Dance” was on its way out of our brains. Juicy J finds a way to pull us back in. He […]

An Ohio woman has confiscated the Xbox of her 15-year-old son who was hospitalized for dehydration after spending at least four days in his bedroom playing the Modern Warfare 3 video game, WCMH TV reports. Read The Full Story Here:

  Before there were the X-Box, Playstations, and the other major gaming systems with the video games such as Halo 3,  Ghost Recon, etc…… There was the Atari system with Pong…. Just literally to joysticks and a gaming system, was all you had as you stared at the screen for countless hours. Trying to knock […]

“I am honored to have the opportunity to speak at Harvard…it is vital that we talk about what we can do to better ourselves and our communities; now and for the next 20 years. The people of America, especially our youth, have the power to be heard; to change legislation and positively impact our culture for generations to come.”

Someone decided to make an online video game called Kanye Zone that centers on Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne smash “Ni**as in Paris. Play the game at Kanye Zone.