vibe magazine

VIBE is having their 20 year anniversary and this issue they bring aboard Pharrell and Daft Punk for the cover. Vibe films some behind the…

Amber Rose’s concise reaction to Vibe Magazine’s June/July cover story has spawned a world of emerging details from both the Vibe staff and Roses’ management. What started as a simple interview with the bald beauty turned into a sexual harassment claim and even bigger issue- defamation of character. It is alleged that Amber accused interviewer […]

For the first time ever, the ex-wife of Swizz Beatz is revealing the whole truth and nothing but. In a candid two-part interview, Mashonda opens up to VIBE‘s Tracy Garraud about her past, present, and why she’s more resilient than ever. I know it was very important for you to sit down with Alicia if […]

Here are the scans from Nicki Minaj’s VIBE magazine cover spread. Check it out:

“I wanted to push the sex envelope with Trey’s shoot visually,” says VIBE editor in chief Jermaine Hall. “We were able to come up with shots that are equally entertaining for men and women.”