Dr. Collier was hanging out in-studio with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show! He gave a lot of great advice to people dealing with constant bloating, and how to pinpoint some of the different causes of it. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, he gives advice on using natural medicine to combat hypo-thyroidism, and why it’s a […]

Wes Moore, a veteran, youth advocate, social entrepreneur, and best selling author joined Jeff Johnson and Rickey Smiley on the air to talk about hit new book, “The Work.” Wes runs a startup in Baltimore that help kids graduate from college. His book deals with creating a life where your work, not your day job […]

How we define success, differs from person to person. But if there is anything most of us ought to know, it’s that the person we’re…

We’d never advise people against exercising, but here are a few tips (that don’t require much effort) that will have you feeling healthier in no time! Take two items out of your handbag. Experts say women often carry too much in their purse. Plop your bag on a scale; lugging more than 10 percent of […]

Living a <strong>fast-paced life</strong> can cost your heart in the future, but what are some steps that you can take to improve your <strong>heart health</strong> right now?

Six expert tips from the <strong>American Running Association</strong><strong> for getting the most of every running experience.</strong>

(BlackDoctor.org) – There’s just something about vegetables. Yes, they’re great for you and one of the most essential foods for good health on the planet; but the taste?

Some men really do want to get married. I personally know a few. Some men don’t know it, but they do want to get married. And some men just really need to get married. Are you looking for the right guy? Here are some tips on how to get started.

Why walk outside the house on Valentine’s Day when the holiday is about staying close to and spending time with your lover? Here are 10 ways to celebrate at home.