The Life of Pablo

Ricky Anderson shared a Snapchat of Kanye and Desiigner turning up to their own music in the Hamptons last night.

There were reports that Kanye shot the video for his The Life Of Pablo cut "Highlights" while vacationing in Iceland back in April, and his wife confirmed those reports are true.

If you woke up thinking: I'm really in the mood for something bizarre, slightly obscene and salacious, then rest assured, Kanye West has got you.

Kanye West interviews are few and far between nowadays, especially with the outspoken rapper using Twitter more often.

"It is a tremendous honor to even be considered for this very prestigious award," said Miranda in a statement. "To win today for Hamilton is beyond my wildest dreams."

Spotify and Apple Music users can open their respective apps right now and enjoy Kanye's latest musical foray.

In 2014 Kanye got some street cred and a criminal record after he pled no contest to misdemeanor battery for assaulting a photographer. Now he wants forgiveness.


Kanye West, the self-proclaimed creative genius, is back at it again with a different way for him to engage with his fans. He tweeted above about tomorrow’s Pablo pop-up shop in New York City. (Sorry, DFW) West is expected to sell rare “The Life of Pablo” merchandise. Related Articles Kanye West Is Finishing The Final […]

The man himself says he's going to drop not one, but three albums a year moving forward.