Plus, Trump attacks Civil Rights icon John Lewis on Twitter and former South Carolina school officer won't face civil rights charges for throwing high school student out of desk.

When footage surfaced of a Columbia, SC high school student being flipped in her desk and then dragged across the floor by a school resource…

Todd Rutherford, the attorney for 16-year-old Shakara (last name withheld), spoke to reporters on Thursday about the student's version of events. Rutherford says Shakara put her phone away but refused to leave class because she believed the punishment didn't coincide with the crime.

Students defend Officer Fields after he is fired from Spring Valley High School.

The sheriff's office and the FBI are investigating the assault of a teen at Spring Valley High. Here's how you can protect your family.

We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again, we’re so over Raven. In the latest #RavenRant news, The View co-host says both the student and burly juicehead officer are at fault for what occurred at Spring Valley High School on Monday. She began her monologue this morning by saying ‘First of all, the girl […]