One Honduran man's life will never be the same after he lost his penis in a horrifying freak accident.

After the Sister Code actress replied to Kanye's now infamous rant about Wiz Khalifa by claiming 'Ye was all about some fingers in the booty action, a sex toy company wants Amber to hawk their prostate massagers.


“It all started easy. I took a trip to an adult novelty store and after deliberation, I bought my first vibrator. I bought my rabbit with the intention of taking the edge off on those long and lonely nights, but playing with Roger soon became my favorite pastime. Before I knew it, I was addicted!  I would even blow off my friends […]

A man from Vero Beach, Florida was arrested after he was caught stealing a butt plug and "stroker" can.

A 99-year old woman shed a few tears on Friday as she graduated from the College of the Canyons. Doreetha Daniels has been studying at…

Scottish doctors made a surprising discovery when they found a sex toy that had been inside one of their patients for 10 years. An unidentified…

Kandi Burruss has expanded her fortune with her Bedroom Kandi line of sex toys, but what type of woman would get the most benefit by…

Vibrating rings and lube are hardly shocking stuff anymore. Heck, pleasure products are sold next to vitamins in the drugstore, and even Oprah endorsed vibes on daytime TV! So what’s left to give the wow-factor? These eight little-known facts about the goodies that live in the nightstand drawer. A doctor invented vibes…for “crazy” women. Yep, […]

Rihanna was spotted in a Paris sex shop this past Friday, just days after revealing how much she misses her man while on the road.