There has been alot of talk about Jay-Z looking to sell his part ownership in the NBA Brooklyn Nets to become a sports agent and push his ‘Roc Nation Sports’  brand. Last week he learned that he must have a 4-year college degree to be eligible to be an agent. However, he can still […]

  Jay-Z recently announced the beginning of his new ‘Roc Nation Sports’ Player Agency who’s first move was signing New York Yankee Robinson Cano. Now Hov is making more moves, saying he wishes to become a sports agent in all sports, including basketball. However in order to do this, the NBA rules require owners to […]

The rise of online pawning has made the practice more appealing to people who need cash immediately but prefer the discreet nature of a few clicks on the Internet to the potential embarrassment of being discovered inside of a brick-and-mortar pawnshop. Online pawning also appeals to men and women who are accustomed to making online […]