Russell Crowe

Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe can finally go back to being strangers again.

Azealia Banks is smudging away the stigma that comes along with bleaching, forcing people to have the conversation.

Azealia Banks showed another side of herself on Friday while sharing her story about the altercation she had with Russell Crowe earlier this month.

Azealia Banks has always been an open book, so it's no surprise that she's spilling her true feelings about actor Russell Crowe.

Headkrack, like many of us at one time or another, considered himself someone who was rooting for rapper Azealia Banks. He is withdrawing his support for her, however, after she made some headlines for getting kicked out of Russell Crowe‘s party. While she maintains that she was harassed, witnesses insist that she was the one […]

  Rapper Azealia Banks is accusing Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe of some very serious stuff. Banks is saying that Crowe called her the N-Word, choked her, spat on her and throw her out of his hotel suite. On her official Facebook page, Banks said it was “one of the hardest nights of sleep” she’s had […]

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