A pair of best friends, Kita and Val, were out to lunch about a much ago, when Kita’s 3-year-old threw up in her Val’s $2,500 purse. While Kita offered to have it dry-cleaned, Val refused her offer, saying that the purse needs to be replaced altogether. But not everybody has $2500 just lying around to […]

I really don’t know what to say on this article, but those women or any bystander couldn’t catch a man in a wheelchair. He must have arms like Popeye or one of those hove around scooters!? Police are looking for a thief in a wheelchair who snatched bags from three women in midtown recently Read […]

The person who denied showing Oprah a purse, because she didn’t think she could afford it has to be the biggest DUMMY in the world!!?? Oprah can probably buy the company that makes the purse,  20 Times over….. LOL, but here’s the story below: Switzerland is desperately trying to make peace with Oprah Winfrey. A […]