Over the weekend Mansfield held a basketball tournament at the Fieldhouse USA Complex where dozens of teams from across the metroplex hoped to compete for a championship title. Instead athletes, coaches, and their family members were met with chaos after an active shooter was announced mid-game. According to police, a parent and a coach were […]

Do you think giving students a math equation about the number texts and nude pics you can send is taking it a little to far? At the story in the link below, you can read what one Ohio teacher tried to do in order to relate to his students. Would you agreento his method as […]

When rapper Tyga wrote “Rack City,” he made one of the most vulgar songs ever and his mother still loves him no matter how explicit…

Don’t forget to smoke!” It’s not exactly a phrase one expects to hear at any beauty pageant — especially one in which some of the contestants aren’t even old enough for kindergarten yet. But that’s just what one mom encouraged her 4-year-old to do as the little one took the stage on Wednesday night’s “Toddlers […]