Marshawn Lynch

The former Seahawks running back, who only showed up to press conferences because he didn't want to be fined, went on Conan Tuesday night to speak on his feelings about the national anthem protest.

Marshawn Lynch's still got it. Lynch hasn't touched the turf since he last played for the Seattle Seahawks in January, but he recently took the field at a football camp to show that he's still in shape.

It may very well be impossible to name a retired NFL player more entertaining than Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn found himself at the Andre Ward vs. Sullivan…

As all the hype over Super Bowl 50 finally comes to a bit of a calm, Jeff Johnson explains the three most important things we should take…

Before everyone was Dabbin’ on Em with Cam, they were going into beastmode and only showing up to work so they didn’t get fined. The reason for that is one Marshawn Lynch, the beloved (and often controversial) Seattle Seahawks running back, who announced his retirement on Twitter during Super Bowl 50, the biggest football night of […]

That act of kindness had a positive impact on the McDonald's employee.

What exactly gets Marshawn Lynch to transform into Beast Mode? It might just be a drink from Starbucks.

Reports that Seattle Seahawks teammates Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch were involved in a drag racing incident turned out to be false.

While people still bug the Seahawks for not handing off to Marshawn Lynch for a surefire Super Bowl-winning touchdown, the NFL is still bugging Lynch for his press-averse persona.…