Kierna Mayo

“I think Black people, particularly young Black people have a love-hate thing with Kanye. He seems to have devolved from the Kanye who stood before us and said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.’ Remember that Kanye?” — Kierna Mayo, SVP of Brands and Content, Interactive One Kanye West was trending on social […]

NewsOne invites you to attend the 2 P.M. event on Tuesday that tackles mainstream and social media perceptions of Black men.

She also brilliantly schooled conservative talk show host Stacy Washington on how "hurtful" it is to see Blacks vehemently support the Republican presidential candidate.

Is there anything better in this world than watching a Trump supporter get schooled? Well, this week, we’re proud to say the sermon of common sense was handed down to a Black Republican named Stacy Washington by our very own Kierna Mayo, Sr. Vice President of Content and Brand at Interactive One. Appearing on CNN […]

During Thursday's edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the backlash over Saldana's portrayal of Simone and the subsequent discussion of colorism within the African-American community.

On Thursday, Kierna Mayo, Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine, and JeffriAnne Wilder, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of North Florida, spoke with Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now discussion panel about the magazine cover that has set social media ablaze.

Go EIC, that’s my EIC! You betta, you betta…@kiernamayo — Jamilah Lemieux (@JamilahLemieux) October 16, 2015 // Most people are still shaking the dust…