A JetBlue pilot accidentally punched in the code alerting JFK’s tower that the plane was being hijacked instead of letting them know that the aircraft’s radio wasn’t working.  In response, there was massive police and firefighter response.  Check out the pictures/videos below from people on board the flight and people seeing it from the outside. […]

I guess she didn’t want to pay the extra bag fees?? To put that much cocaine up her lady parts…… But I have so many questions. …… how did she get in there, how did the airport staff get it out…………… read the full story at the link below:

A movie being shot called “LBJ” starring Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Jason Leigh, which is about LBJ taking over the presidency after JFK was assassinated, is closing down streets in downtown Dallas near Dealy Plaza.  The closures will affect Monday and Tuesday’s traffic around the 400-600 blocks of Main St, the 100-200 blocks of North […]

If you hear what sounds like gunfire coming from the downtown Dallas area this week, it very well may be blanks being fired for a new TV show being filmed in the area. Crews have been hard at work in Dealey Plaza setting up for production and taking down signs in the area to make […]

A$AP Rocky plays JFK while Lana Del Rey assumes the First Lady Jackie-O in the patriotic video for “National Anthem.” The video reenacts the First Couple’s love story and JFK’s assassination. I think this video concept is dope!!!