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The year’s first tale of prison romance didn’t end well, and this one hasn’t either. Lytonya Hickbottom, a Maricopa County Correctional Health Services nurse in Arizona, passed nude photos of herself to inmate Ramon Cummings. When police searched the prisoner’s Phoenix jail cell, they found several naked photos of the 37-year-old, according to the Arizona Republic. […]

A Rikers Island correction officer who was being sexually assaulted by a convicted sex criminal was rescued by inmates after they broke the Plexiglas blocking the…

A cat has been busted for smuggling pot into a prison in Moldova. Read the full story here:

A 132-pound prisoner in Oregon escaped through a hole in a fence Thursday that “99 percent of inmates” wouldn’t have been able to fit through, according to Klamath County authorities. Read More Here:

New Mexico corrections officers say an inmate escaped his jail cell by breaking a window bar with a razor blade and a Popsicle stick but changed his mind once he got outside. Read The Full Story Here: