Wale and Phil Ade are here to turn the frowns upside down on their new collaboration. Additionally, Wale visited ESPN’s ‘First Take’ yesterday for an interview and a performance with Lil Wayne.

T.I. made his return to ESPN’s ‘First Take’. He talks about his Us or Else EP, police brutality, Colin Kaepernick, the Atlanta Falcons and Kevin Durant.

The Great Debate Timbaland sat with the folks over at ESPN’s ‘First Take’ today. He spoke on his contribution to Empire, Carmelo Anthony, NBA fashion, and the ever popular great rappers of all time.

Lil Wayne was back on ESPN’s ‘First Take’. This time, he spoke on the Lakers, Kobe Bryant and the NBA’s Western Conference. He also touched on Tom Brady’s situation, N.W.A., Green Bay Packers and injury of their star wide receiver, Jordy Nelson.    


Comedian Artie Lange is known for not only crossing the line, but denying that one ever existed in the first place. And he’s done it…