Elise Neal

Hugh Jackman is set to make his final appearance as Wolverine in Logan, hitting theaters everywhere Friday, March 3rd. The film is getting a tremendous amount of buzz ans critical acclaim. I was able to see the first 40 minutes and it’s on track to be the best film in the franchise. The movie stars Hugh Jackman, […]

Actress, choreographer and star of "Hollywood Divas", Elise Neal is about to break the internet with a shocking new photo.

German is forced to make another major decision, Jelena has tricks up her sleeve with regard to Terrence's side baby, and more.

Golden is still trying to come for Elise, and 'The White Sistas' is still never coming out.

Golden Brooks and Lisa Wu are being the best mean girls they can be.

The season premiere of TV One’s highly anticipated new series “Hollywood Divas” aired last night and fans were immediately shocked to find out one of…