The cruelty one woman allegedly showed to her own son is enough to be its own Halloween horror tale. Read the full story here:

This is some messed up feces!!! LOL Yale University hopes to solve a case of whodungit by identifying the stinker who has been soiling students’ laundry by sticking human feces inside clothes dryers. Read the full story here:

How much are good Boston parking spaces worth? To Lisa Blumenthal, the answer is $560,000. Read The Full Story Here:

A man who’d just been released from jail in northern North Carolina was arrested again for refusing to leave the jail after authorities wouldn’t give him a ride to a motel. The News & Record of Greensboro reports that 37-year-old Rodney Dwayne Valentine was charged with trespassing. Read More Here:

At least 3 men accused of making threats during or after watching the new Batman movie have been arrested in separate incidents, underscoring moviegoers’ anxieties and heightened security in the wake of a deadly mass shooting at a Colorado theater showing the film. Read More Here:

Surfers claim their waves. This guy claimed all of Long Beach — then drove his Nissan into the surf. An unidentified driver was spotted driving his Nissan Maxima into the Pacific Ocean Friday after shouting “this is my beach” and his social security number as he cruised around the shore, the Contra Costa Times reported. […]

  An Albuquerque woman has something for sale on eBay that most of wouldn’t even consider selling at any price — her soul. KOB-TV reports that a woman identified as Lori N. recently put her soul up for bid starting at $2,000 on the online auction site. So far, nobody has made a bid. Read […]

  A man high on synthetic marijuana killed and ate a 30- to 40-pound dog, according to police. Michael Daniel of Waco, Texas, was charged on Monday for an incident earlier this month in which he allegedly got down “on his hands and knees and chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog,” according […]

  Ok, I know it can get rough out there on the dating scene. But first we have a teenager in Georgia having sex with dogs (true doggy style, LOL), but now this fool is saying that when he was at work. That he would drink, do drugs and then have sex with dead bodies!! The […]

 “According to published reports, Miami Police shot  and killed a man off the MacArthur Causeway when  they caught him eating another man’s face Saturday afternoon.Miami Fire Rescue told Local 10 that the victim  suffered severe facial trauma and needed help  breathing when rescue teams arrived. He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in  critical condition. […]