OMG the internet is Bacc At it Again! The latest trend to hit the social streets is called the #CrateChallenge -and yes, it is as dangerous as it sounds. Willing adrenaline junkies find tons of crates (from who knows where) and stack them in the shape of a pyramid. Then, they attempt to go from […]

After the series of bizarre rants that Kanye West went on live during his Life of Pablo Tour, he was rushed to the hospital suddenly over a week ago. Kanye has had his battles with his mental state; his paranoia and erratic behavior have been on display to the world many times before. Sign Up […]

NBA Pacer’s forward Paul George had a horrific accident while playing in a Team USA basketball game. Lets all pray for him and his family and a speedy recovery. Check out the video of the incident: Here’s a picture of his leg X-Ray via TheNBACentral on twitter: Facebook: Jazze Radio-Chica Twitter: Instagram: jazzeradiochica