King was on Twitter airing out his thoughts on the importance of making #BlackLivesMatter death videos go viral to bring justice after he was accused of being shady and unethical by Elzie and Mckesson.

Hashtag #celebritiesonlyblackpeopleknow goes viral

Even Academy award-nominated director Ava Duernay thinks Zola's tale is intriguing.

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Elle Canada became the latest magazine to culturally appropriate Black fashion, when it called Dashikis the new it-item.

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A majority of #BlackTwitter felt that the subjects MTV's "White People" were whiney and privileged.

NewsOne’s Top 5 takes a quick look at the stories trending on that you are talking about. Stephen A. Smith’s “Black-On-Black Crime” Rhetoric Gets…

Bernie Sanders is the butt of Black Twitter's latest jokes.

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The #BlackTwitter movement has grown so much in popularity, that major publications are going the extra mile to make sure it’s covered. According to an…

Raven doesn't have time to worry over witty Black people with Twitter accounts.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney takes to Twitter to share his feelings on the Confederate Flag still flying in Charleston.