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The Greatest: The Best Rap Lyrics Referencing Muhammad Ali  was originally published on

1. The Original Rapper

The Original Rapper

Muhammad Ali is, of course, the greatest boxer the world has ever seen, but he was as deadly on the mic as he was in the ring. While he was ahead of his time as far as hip hop and rap is concerned, his sense of bravado and way with words influenced rappers for decades. […]

2. The Fugees, “Ready or Not”

The Fugees, “Ready or Not”

“I refugee from Guantanamo Bay. Dance around the border like I’m Cassius Clay.”

3. Nas and Damian Marley, “My Generation”

Nas and Damian Marley, “My Generation”

“Now if you can’t relate then maybe you are too complacent. Athletes today are scared to make Muhammad Ali statements.”

4. Nipsey Hussle, “Rose Clique”

Nipsey Hussle, “Rose Clique”

“In other words, life is just a fight against your disbelief/ That’s why I’m screaming I’m the greatest of all time like Young Ali/ played Mohammad to these thoughts, prophets in this industry.”

5. Lupe Fiasco, “Till I Get There”

Lupe Fiasco, “Till I Get There”

“That ain’t how it’s supposed to be or butterfly/ But for the sake of rhyming, let’s just say butterfly-ey/ The truth stings like Muhammad Ali/ I tell ’em, tell ’em don’t homicide me.”

6. 50 Cent, “Many Men”

50 Cent, “Many Men”

“When I rhyme something special happen every time/ I’m the greatest something like Ali in his prime/ I walk the block with the bundles, I’ve been knocked on the humble.”

7. Kanye West, “Gorgeous”

Kanye West, “Gorgeous”

“Remind me of when they tried to have Ali enlisted / If I ever wasn’t the greatest n***a, I must have missed it”

8. Jay Z, “Jungle Remix”

Jay Z, “Jungle Remix”

“Don’t box me into the corner, I/ Float like a butterfly, sting like Muhammad A/ On training day I go too hard, ask Antoine Fuqua/ I am Godzilla of these favelas, new God flow.”

9. Drake, “Under Ground Kings”

Drake, “Under Ground Kings”

“I’m the greatest man I said that before I knew I was.”

10. Jay Z, “FUTW”

Jay Z, “FUTW”

“Just let me be great, let me be great/ I feel like mothaf*ckin’ Cassius Clay right now, Genius!” […] “America tried to emasculate the greats/ Murder Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes/ Wait, tell them rumble young man rumble.”

11. Will Smith, “Getting Juggy With It”

Will Smith, “Getting Juggy With It”

“See me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders/ Met Ali he told me I’m the greatest.”

12. Common, “The Game”

Common, “The Game”

“They try to box me in like Cassius Clay/ Hey I’m like Muhammad when he fasted/ Opposing the fascist, make cuts and got gashes.”

13. Jay Z, “Power”

Jay Z, “Power”

“Rumble, young man, rumble/ Life is a trip, so sometimes we gonna stumble.”

14. Master P, “Whole Hood”

Master P, “Whole Hood”

“Be all u can be, be the greatest like Muhammed Ali / Make them love you when they hate to see.”

15. Sugarhill Gang, “Rapper’s Delight”

Sugarhill Gang, “Rapper’s Delight”

“You see, I got more clothes than Muhammad Ali and I dress so viciously.”