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It went down last night in L.A. for the Renaissance Tour where Beyoncé performed and celebrated her 42nd Birthday! She was joined on stage by her daughter,11-year-old Blue Ivy, who has made an appearance in other cities, as well as a surprise performance by Kendrick Lamar and Diana Ross! Take a look behind the lens of what went down for Queen Bey’s Birthday and all the celebrities that popped out!

1. Yoncé Giving Thanks!

2. The Icon x Queen Bey

3. If Your Name Start With A T, Snap A Pic

4. Fan Does Mute Challenge With Zendaya & Tom Holland

5. ALL The Celebs Popped Out For The #RenaissanceTour L.A. !

Pictured In Video: Jay-Z, Vanessa and Natalia Bryant, The Kardashians, Zendaya and Tom Holland. 

Who else did you notice?

6. Can We Appreciate This Moment…

7. Get It Princess!

8. Kendrick x Beyoncé Perform ‘America Has A Problem” For 1st Time Ever!

9. The Ultimate Girl Power Link Up

10. Chris Rock and Lizzo Said They Outsideee

11. Uncle Jay-Z In Action

12. Because Blue Ivy IS and Will Always Be The MOMENT

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