She Is Awards landing page- Dallas | iOne Local | 2024-03-14
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The She Is Awards was a one of a kind curated experience that allowed for artists to showcase their many talents in honor and celebration of DFW women accomplishments. Get to know these talented individuals below.

1. Delishia J

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Delishia J, a rising star in the world of R&B, captivates audiences with their soulful voice and effortless charm. Hailing from East Texas , Delishia J released her first EP with hit singles “Put You On & Fight Night which infuses each melody with emotion, drawing listeners into a world of love, longing, and heartfelt expression. With influences ranging from classic soul sounds of Anita Baker to modern R&B artist, her music blends smooth vocals with infectious rhythms, creating a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. From intimate performances to electrifying stage presence, Delishia J leaves an indelible mark on all who hear their music, promising a journey of passion, romance, and soul-stirring melodies.

2. Vandell Andrew

SHe IS Awards Entertainment

Vandell Andrew grew up in New Orleans, spending years of his childhood in the shadow of Louis Armstrong, soaking up the vibe of the French Quarter’s great brass bands. Jazz was in the blood, but his soul was also filled with magic from his flute playing mom’s R&B collection (Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, etc.), hip-hop and Erykah Badu. Encouraging Vandell’s musical ambitions, his dad gave him John Coltrane and Charlie Parker CDs and told him for every song he learned, he would give him $100. With that money adding up, Vandell bought an audio interface, recorded his first CD and through determination and sheer hard work has emerged as one of the great independent contemporary jazz success stories of the decade.

3. GregMatthew

SHe IS Awards Entertainment

Gregmatthew is a visual artist raised in Houston, TX by his parents alongside his older brother. Creating art has always been a part of his life. As a kid, Gregmatthew would even create his own comic books, but the art always took a backseat to sports. In the last five years, he has returned to a focused effort in cultivating his skills and craft in art. Much of the early inspiration came from Black 90’s sitcoms like Martin and Fresh Prince of Belaire — popular cinema like The Wood, Boomerang, and Love Jones. The nostalgic highlights of Black Culture and HipHop influenced how he wanted to show up in the world, also expressed through his work. The art is both realism and abstract realism, depicting a culmination of experiences and stories through analogies and literal interpretations of his life experiences as well as Popular Culture. G R E G M A T T H EW Gregmatthew is now a creative director working through various mediums, including fashion, design, and film. His fashion and design lifestyle brand, Somebody, is dedicated to people who appreciate art mirrored in fashion, expression, and culture. “I believe it is my responsibility to steward my artistic abilities and utilize my thoughts, ideas, and perspective to inspire others to steward the talents God has blessed them to have.”-