They say “behind every successful man, is a woman (standing beside her man). This Dallas Cowboy star is not only winning on the field but off the field too.

NFL running back, Ezekiel Elliot prefers to keep his girlfriend and long-term relationship lowkey and private. However, we went snooping and discovered who is standing beside him and supporting him.

Elliot is reportedly dating Halle Woodward. The couple has reportedly been dating for more than a year.

See photos of his girlfriend shared by Elliot’s mother this past year.

1. Ezeekiel and Halle

Elliot’s mother gives a shoutout to Halle during nurses week 

2. Elliot and Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott spotted at a Dallas Mavericks game with their girlfriends

3. Elliot’s mom wishing Halle an Happy Birthday

4. Halle and Zeek on a pool day