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Since being drafted as the first overall pick by the New Orleans Pelicans back in 2019, 22-year-old NBA star Zion Williamson has embarked on what feels like a Cinderella story — just replace the glass slipper with his signature shoe by Jordan Brand!

His rookie year saw all sorts of superstar potential, from being one of the youngest to play in the All-Star game to having a long streak of at least 20-point games on 50-percent shooting that even came for records set by a few legends of the court. However, a Jones fracture during the offseason last year put his pro basketball future at risk, with Williamson missing out on the entire 2021-22 NBA season.

Thankfully, the 6’6 power forward was cleared to return without restrictions after his foot injury finally began to show vast improvement. This made the Pelicans offer him a 5-year extension on his contract recently, which comes with a hefty $231 million salary.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately there’s just one catch: the amount he gets paid is directly influenced by the amount of weight he gains.



As you can see above based on the Halftime Report discourse between Shaq and Charles Barkley last November, Zion’s weight has been a talking point for close to a whole year now. Unfortunately, comments like Barkley’s “it looks like me and Shaq had a baby” jab are light in comparison to the jokes you’ll find on social media made at Williamson’s expense. Now it appears that his newfound pounds are weighing down on his new contract agreement as well.

According to, league sources are saying Williamson’s contract includes periodic weigh-ins that will measure the sum of his weight and body fat percentage. Reportedly, guaranteed money will be reduced if he doesn’t maintain a weight below 295 lbs.

Here’s more on the technical side of Zion’s seemingly extreme weight clause below, via NOLA:

“Williamson was listed at 285 pounds in his lone season at Duke. He has been listed at 284 pounds with the Pelicans.

The multiple lower body injuries Williamson has suffered as a pro have hindered his ability to stay fit. During the preseason before his rookie year, Williamson tore the lateral meniscus in his right knee. That injury sidelined him for 44 games.

In July 2021, Williamson learned he fractured the fifth metatarsal in his right foot. When he reported to training camp in September, he was well above 300 pounds, The Times-Picayune reported in February.”


Although he’s reportedly been training heavily with proven strength coach Jasper Bibbs, it still seems almost inhumane to determine a person’s paycheck on their food intake. At the same time, Zion’s weight as a professional athlete is definitely a prime factor when it comes to playing at peak prowess against some of the top players in the country.

Does Zion Williamson having a weight clause in his new contract with the Pelicans seem too extreme or right on the money? Let us know your thoughts and see what others are saying on social media below:



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1. Zion’s agent just let David Griffin do whatever he wanted to his contract 😭. How do you let a team put a weight clause on you and no player option for your 5th year.

via @iohandles

2. The Zion weight clause is funny to actually see but realistically if he’s above 295 he’s not serious about basketball

via @nickcn_

3. Zion gotta call out the Pelicans for putting that weight clause on his contract.

via @gifdsports

4. I have no issue with a player being held accountable, but disclosing this clause in the contract to the media/general public is wrong. After seeing how brutal social media was to Zion about his weight last season, this sort of thing needs to be kept in-house.

via @Nathan_Wadley

5. Ain’t no way I give Zion $195 million without a weight clause. You’re not going to get this bread from me and then sit out of games with gout.

via @The1stWright

6. The Pelicans were smart to put in a weight clause in Zion Williamson’s new contract extension which will require his weight and body fat percentage to be no more than 295. It’s actually still a lot of weight considering Zion is only 6’6 but that dude is built different.

via @PBAinsider

7. Why are people making a big deal about the weight clause? Zions committed and the pelicans are protected. It won’t matter when the Pels win the chip next year anyway.

via @zionheadlines

8. Zion weight clause hilarious bc there isnt a dude in the league over 280 and they put his cap at 295😭😭

via @hejtweeter

9. Zion’s weight clause and Kyler’s homework clause on 9 figure contracts are the biggest affront to millenial culture in the history of everything

via @chugsnbugs

10. Pelicans put a weight clause on Zion’s contract? That’s cute.

via @ZionNationCP