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City Girls fans thought they were witnessing the end of an era after members JT and Yung Miami went at each other’s weaves on X, formerly known as Twitter. In the end, the City Girls remained united after squashing the beef which was due to a misunderstanding.

Monday (April 8) was a wild day for many reasons. A large portion of the United States was witness to a solar eclipse, J. Cole walked back his diss of Kendrick Lamar, and the tensions spread to large factions of fans online.

From what we can determine, Saucy Santana wrote on X that he had some issues to address regarding Diddy via an upcoming television series to which JT responded by saying that she better not be mentioned. This sparked a light back and forth between the pair. Yung Miami, who is best friends with Santana, then suggested JT has been “sneak dissing” her.

All hell broke out from that point on with JT writing, “It’ll be too much for me to tweet! I will like a sit down…. Caresha please! And this time leave Santana home! I know I come off crazy but never in my life did no wack sh*t to this girl she literally enjoys seeing me being dragged when ppl show me love she goes crazy & call it a hate train! But like I said we can sit & talk about it!”

JT also wrote that she was “for sure there” for Yung Miami and added that “y’all will see this in time that I’m not, never was & never will be the problem!”

There were a lot more exchanges, including Yung Miami saying that fans online have caused the rift which put JT and her at odds and if you saw what was said before it was all deleted, that part seems to be true.

The beef ended after Yung Miami, using JT’s first name, wrote, “Jatavia I love you. I’m moving on!”

In a quote tweet, JT added, “I love you more [heart emoji] I actually love you the most!”

While the City Girls look to be poised to talk their sh*t together on stage again soon, fans online had plenty to say about their beef and how they made up. We’ve got replies below.

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