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MICHAEL JACKSON always explained away his ever-lightening skin by saying he had VITILIGO. And it turns out that he really DID have it.

–The coroner’s report on Michael was unsealed yesterday, and it confirms that Michael suffered from the condition. The report states that Michael’s skin had, quote, “patches of light and dark pigmented areas.”

–Michael also had tattooed lips, eyebrows, eyeliner . . . and HAIR FOLLICLES. For real . . . Michael had, quote, “dark skin discoloration resembling a tattoo” on the front half of his scalp.

–Apparently, this was to hide a receding hairline. Michael’s own hair was sparse . . . and he wore a wig.

–As for the cause of Michael’s death . . . no surprise there. The report says, quote, “The standard of care for administering Propofol was not met . . . Recommended equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing and resuscitation was not present.”

–One last note: 61 photos of Michael’s body were taken during his autopsy.

(–Obviously, the coroner’s office would like these to never be released to the public. But think about how much money a tabloid would pay for one. It’ll be interesting to see if they really do remain under wraps.)