IF T.I. and hoopz is messing around, wouldn’t that be an upgrade?

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you guys, rumor has it that Hoopz, from VH1’s “Flavor of Love

” has been seen hanging out with T.I… Now even though she’s being real modest about her affair with T.I. by stating, “That’s my homeboy; we just cool”, she sure did upset T.I.’s baby’s mom, “Tiny” from R&B group, Xscape, when she saw Hoopz and T.I. hanging together at a club.

Hoopz response to the alleged “beef” between her and Tiny was, “I don’t even know chick, so I can’t tell you that we don’t get along. I know she opened her mouth about me. We were at a club, everybody, next thing you know she pulled him [T.I.] to the side like ‘who the f*ck is that?!’

“A couple of days later, she gets on the radio like, ‘if I would’ve known her and she would’ve known me.’ Come on now, it don’t matter if you know someone or not, if that’s your man and you feel like someone is disrespecting, you get on the radio but you never say nothing to me? I would’ve whipped her ass!” said Hoopz.

Damn Hoopz, them some fighting words there. Come on people, can’t we all just get along? But I feel you, T.I. is a page-turner.