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Republicans have turned overwhelmingly against President Obama, while Democrats are still largely supportive — leading to the most polarized approval ratings ever recorded during a president’s first year in office, a new report by Gallup finds.

Over the course of this past year, Obama has averaged a job approval rating of 88 percent among Democrats and just 23 percent among Republicans, according to the study released on Monday morning. That year-one 65-point margin is the largest that the public opinion research firm has ever recorded.

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State of the Union: Watch, Discuss, Engage

Posted by Jesse Lee on January 27, 2010 at 02:35 PM EST

Tonight at 9:00PM EST, the President will give his first State of the Union Address.  He will talk directly to the American people about restoring security for middle class families after a lost decade of declining wages, eroding retirement security and escalating health care and tuition costs.

Immediately afterwards, we will hold a live video discussion with top policy officials working on the domestic policy, jobs and the economy in particular, and foreign policy.

Also, as we announced earlier this week, we are partnering with YouTube, who will be soliciting questions for the President in the days following the speech – submit your own or vote on others’.  The President will then answer some of those questions in a unique live event next week.

As a final note, for those who have their own websites, as always you can embed the live stream on your site using the code found at the “share” button at

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