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Is there more to media mogul Oprah Winfrey that we should know, or is there anything that is worthwhile to tell? According to author Kitty Kelley, in her newly released book “Oprah: A Biography” the answer is yes…yes there are a few things you don’t know about Oprah, and she has no problem in telling you what they are! It took Ms. Kelley three years to research the unauthorized biography of Oprah, and claims have spent time with a few of Oprah’s family members, like an aunt who seems to be very willing to tell a few family secrets and a couple of other distant, disengaged and ‘out of the loop’ relatives which allowed her to pen her well publicized exposé.

Do the planets of Ms. Winfrey suggest that she is capable of keeping deep dark secrets? Is there some cryptic planetary alignment that indicates that she is capable of conducting a secret life while having a very public image? Oprah Winfrey is an Aquarius, born 1/29/1954, with a Moon in the talkative sign of Sagittarius. Her cosmic profile indicates that she is very comfortable in her role as “Talk Show Queen, ’ and that communication comes so naturally to her that she has single handedly created a media empire, including the launching of a new cable network, coming soon. But, just because Oprah likes to talk doesn’t mean that she likes to talk about herself…or does it?

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Ms. Winfrey’s chart reveals that her planet of communication is aligned with Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system and everything she does or thinks about doing is ‘big,’ so keeping secrets can be a major problem. Of course, it’s naïve to think that anyone tells everything about themselves, but Oprah’s  chart indicates that she enjoys mental investigation and inquiry of herself and others. Although she can have control issues, (a Saturn/Sun alignment) suggests that she can be a very serious, straightforward person who likes things her way, but is this book really about exposing Oprah or is it more about exposing the greed of others. The reviews of this book is lack luster and it appears that the people in Oprah’s personal life might be interested in settling scores or making money off the back of someone who has worked hard to climb to the top?

Oprah’s chart doesn’t reveal any more deep dark secrets than anyone else; accept maybe the secret of success! The author Kitty Kelley is an Aries whose cosmic profile suggests that she likes controversy and a good fight. Ms. Kelley, there are different types of fights; there are battles and there are wars. You may have won the battle of free speech to make a few dollars off Ms Winfrey’s reputation, but the war of integrity is something you have certain lost. The cosmic forces have ruled that you’re out matched in this fight!

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