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Beyonce at the 66th grammy awards - Cowboy Carter

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We’re just a few days away from the release of Beyonce’s  “Act 2: Cowboy Carter.” The Queen began soft launching the highly anticipated country album, and now she’s whetting our appetite with a tracklist.

In true Bey fashion, the icon posted a caption-less photo showing off an extensive list of tunes we can look forward to. Earlier this year, the “Cuff It” singer teased fans with 2 tracks from the upcoming album. In addition to “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em,” other notable tracks make an appearance like a remake of Dolly Parton’s chart-topping song “Jolene.”

Beyonce’s comment section was met with exuberant fans, excited to dive into their country bag.

“Blackbird???? Jolene?!!!! Oh this album about to be fire! Willie Nelson!!! MOTHA did not come to play with y’all,” one fan wrote.

HB’s social media manager found herself in the comment section as well. “Bey and Dolly Parton is going to send me to the heavens,” she wrote.

How many songs are on Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter album?

And while fans praised the singer for dropping breadcrumbs, others wondered just how many tracks are included on the album.

“27 SONGS!? 😮🙌,” one fan asked.

The debate continued, with a few people saying the album has 24 tracks and others saying 13.

“willie nelson ,dolly p and linda martell are probably collaborations. so yeah, 24 tracks,” another person replied.

Bey hasn’t clarified if the names mentioned are collaborations or tribute songs, but luckily enough, the public will have their answers on March 29, when the album is released.

I’m convinced Beyonce has an additional 24 hours built into her day. Her dedication to churning out music and various creative projects while launching perfumes and haircare brands feels superhuman. That Virgo hustle doesn’t stop!


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