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F ounder and creative director Cam Stokes of Cömplex Studios is hosting a curated panel discussion Saturday, March 2nd, at the South Dallas Cultural Center.

The hand-selected panelists featured will have an open and vulnerable conversation about what it means to be who they are and the raw truths about their various crafts.

What is Cömplex Studios?

Cömplex Studios is a creative development platform that specializes in design, creative direction, event curation, and mentorship.

Their mission is to provide opportunities for creatives of all walks of life to develop their skills through community outreach and mentorship.

The ultimate goal is to create a safe space for Dallas creatives and entrepreneurs to connect. Bridging the the gap between where we’ve been and where we’re going through storytelling via different creatives mediums such as fashion and design.

Cam Stokes

Source: Unknown / Reagan Elam

After being on a hiatus from doing events since 2021/2022, Cam has taken the time to reflect on what his  purpose is as a designer and creative director.

During this time, Cam says he really concentrated on how he could be a better steward of the gifts and skills Yah provided him.

“I started developing a desire to do more than produce clothing to help tell the story of my brand’s mission and values, which led to me curating this event”. Cam said.

It is his hope that the audience leaves inspired and motivated to be the change Dallas creatives needs.

“My desire is that this event will cause further conversations that lead to a shift in the dynamic within the city as it pertains to how creatives interact with each other”.

In bringing together creatives this Saturday, Stokes wants more people to understand that everyone’s experience in this creative realm is different and that there is no perfect route to take.

There will be creatives from different backgrounds who operate in different industries and will speak openly about what got them to where they are and motivate someone who may be struggling with getting started or questioning if they should keep going to take action.

He feels like the city has an immense amount of talent, but lacks a lot of genuine effort to help the next person be successful. That has to change, and that change begins with creating the conversation!