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Dallas, Texas, is known for its rich dance culture, diverse communities, and vibrant spirit. Each year, on February 14th, Dallas not only celebrates LOVE on Valentine’s Day, but also our LOVE for 214!
In light of this special day which unites us all, Take our Best of Dallas Poll to show love for our city,  and all that it represents. Stay tuned as we announce all winners on-air!

What exactly is 214 Day, and why is it so special to Dallas?

The significance lies in the area code “214,” which covers a substantial portion of the Dallas metropolitan area. More than just a numerical designation, 214 has come to symbolize a sense of belonging and shared identity among us all. It represents the neighborhoods, the people, and the unique culture that make Dallas what it is.
The celebration of 214 Day is a grassroots movement that has gained momentum over the years, fueled by the passion and creativity of Dallas local businesses, brands, artists and creatives.
So here’s to Dallas, to the resilient spirit of its people, and to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Happy 214 Day!