Futuristic movie lovers are going to have a field day with this one. Word on the internet is, iRobot has been happening in real life after a hidden report surfaced detailing a 2021 incident at Tesla Giga Texas. ‘They said’  a robot allegedly attacked an engineer, stabbing its metal claws into his back and arm and leaving a “trail of blood” on the machinery.

Crazy right? The report originally reviewed by The Daily Mail  also said said that the worker was not given time off from work, despite witnesses describing the horrific incident. Hannah Alexander, an attorney for the nonprofit Workers Defense Project said, “We’ve had multiple workers who were injured and one worker who died, whose injuries or death are not in these reports that Tesla is supposed to be accurately completing and submitting to the county in order to get tax incentives.”

Well you know Elon Musk wouldn’t stay quiet too long. He confirmed on Twitter the incident did happen, but also blasted the media saying, “Truly shameful of the media to dredge up an injury from two years ago due to a simple industrial Kuka robot arm (found in all factories) and imply that it is due to Optimus now.” Yahoo! fact checked “The Daily Mail’s” article that actually used a cover photo featuring Tesla’s humanoid Optimus robots and not the Kuka robot arm that was involved.

The factory located in Austin, focuses on sustainability through solar energy, production of their electric vehicles, and the new Cybertruck we can expect to see on the roads in 2024. It has over 10 million square feet of floor space (around 100 football fields), making it the second-largest building by volume in the world!

Tesla Gigafactory Texas July 2022

Fred Lambert, Elektrek


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