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Corey Sims said one thing went through his mind, “shock,” as he says he was beaten with fists and a walkie-talkie by a principal and an assistant principal at Kimball High School.

“They were fighting me like I was an adult,” the 16-year-old said. “I was balled up on the ground, and said, ‘Why are y’all doing this to me?’ It was crazy.”

Patricia Hines, Corey’s mother, said he suffered lacerations, bruises and a broken nose in the Dec. 4 incident. She said her son was arrested on an assault charge because of the incident. The charge – which landed him in a juvenile detention center for nine days – was dropped Wednesday.

Principal Danny Stigers has not returned calls for comment, but Assistant Principal Anthony Jefferson said Tuesday, “It’s not true,” when asked about the incident. He had no further comment.

Dallas ISD officials did not return phone calls Wednesday about whether the principals have been placed on administrative leave. They were not present at the school Tuesday morning.

District officials have not yet discussed the incident, saying only that the situation is under investigation.

Some employees at the Oak Cliff school have said they witnessed the alleged beating or knew that it occurred, but they would not comment publicly.

Hines said that her son was already suffering from injuries suffered in a car crash and that the Kimball incident made matters worse. She acknowledges that her son had been assigned to the district’s alternative school for fighting and should not have been at Kimball. But she said he didn’t deserve to be jumped on by the principals.

Hines said she plans to file a lawsuit against the district.

Meanwhile, Corey is waiting to undergo surgery for his injuries and plans to have some work done on his nose afterward.

The teenager, who is about average size for his age, said he still has some discomfort. The right side of his face is swollen and his upper lip is about twice its normal size. Corey attributed some of the swelling to the incident at Kimball.

He said he was outside the school around 4:30 p.m. after school had let out, on his way to talk to a trainer about a bill that needed to be paid from an injury he received while playing football for the school. He said that Jefferson and Stigers saw him on campus and told him that he needed to leave the premises.

Corey said the principals began pushing him down a set of stairs, and Stigers pushed him “real hard,” and he pushed the principal back. Corey said the principal lost his balance in front of dozens of students and he believes that embarrassment spurred what happened next.

He said that Stigers said, “It’s on now, [expletive],” and the principal removed his jacket. “He started approaching me, and I was backing up,” Corey said.

Corey said Jefferson came up behind him and threw him to the ground. “Stigers was punching me and Jefferson was hitting me,” he said.

Corey said two other district employees came and pulled the principals off of him, but the altercation did not end. He said the physical tension between him and the principal continued and that’s when, he says, Jefferson began hitting him with the walkie-talkie on the side of his face.

“As I’m on the ground, they’re hitting me,” he said, adding that the principal teased him afterward, saying he had got the best of Corey.

Corey said the following Monday after the Friday incident, he was arrested at the alternative school for assault on a public servant.

“They walked me through the school in handcuffs in front of all these kids,” he said. “I was embarrassed.”

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