After a two year hiatus, electronic scooters will be back on the streets of Dallas just in time for Summer!

The City of Dallas held a soft re-launch for the Shared Dockless Vehicle Program today after the initiative was halted due to safety issues for nearly two years. By next Wednesday, May 31 companies Lime, Bird, and Superpedestrian will rollout thousands of scooters across the metroplex for riders to enjoy. Legislators met with local city leaders, politicians, and police to ensure complaints that were filed were taken into consideration to avoid safety concerns.

A report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission shows that injuries from micro mobility products like e-scooters, hoverboards, and e-bikes rose 70% in the past 4 years! Take a look at some of the new rules that will be in place to avoid these rising cases.

  • *Scooters (rented and privately owned) may not be ridden on or in: sidewalks, trails, parks, plazas, on roads with a speed limit of 35 MPH or higher, and in other designated No-Ride Zones. Riders must dismount and walk their device through these areas.
  • *There is a city-wide speed limit of 20 MPH for scooters and e-bikes.
  • In Slow-Ride Zones, riders must slow to 10 MPH.
  • Operating hours for rented scooters are limited to 5am – 9pm.
  • Scooters and e-bikes may not be rented to people under 16 years of age.

    *Riders that do not comply with these rules can be issued fines of up to $200 (Section 28-41.1.1(k) of the Dallas City Code)


WFAA spole with BIRD CEO Shane Torchiana who says, “We are excited to make an impact on climate and traffic in one of the country’s’ fastest growing cities. Dallas joins a global community of more than 350 cities who have chosen Bird to offer a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to explore their area, and we wish Dallas residents and visitors alike happy riding.”

Let’s just hope Dallas riders are responsible and we don’t catch a scooter on the side of 75. Happy Riding, Stay Safe and most importantly Have Fun!


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