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If you had plans to travel with Southwest Airlines, you might want to come up with a Plan B for flight options.  This morning Captain Casey Murray, the President of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, called for the company’s first ever  ‘strike authorization vote‘ to be held May 1. Their decision for this date according to the announcement, “allows our union time to prepare and gives our customers time to book elsewhere, so that they can have confidence that their summer vacations, honeymoons, and family outings are assured.” As of now, if you try to book a flight this is what you’ll see:

We are currently accepting air reservations through August 14, 2023.
On February 9, 2023 we will open our schedule for sale through October 4, 2023.
This date is subject to change! Please check back frequently.

The movement comes from over 3 years of failed contract negotiations on top of the recent meltdown during the holidays where thousands of flights were cancelled leaving some  passengers, pilots, and flight attendants stranded and unable to get home. Today, they are still working to reimburse tens of thousands of customers and are preparing to report quarterly results on Jan. 26, in hopes this incident doesn’t cost them an estimated $800 million. On top of the possible money owed, the catastrophe which lasted 8 days, left Southwest with multiple lawsuits from their own internal stakeholders.

The company’s CEO Bob Jordan announced that the company is taking the necessary steps to recover, including working with global partners for recommendations and investing $1billion to upgrade their IT systems. As of last week, a spokesperson for Southwest said they have returned “nearly 100% of bags” and in regards to reimbursement customers must have, “reasonable costs related to the operational challenges and that they “are processing each request on a case-by-case basis.” A few items that can be reimbursed include meals, hotel accommodations, and transportation like rental cars or other airline tickets purchased because of the delay.


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