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Like most rappers, Nelly played a major role influencing the culture outside of his music. One song in particular, Air Force 1’s released in 2002 featuring Kyjuan, Ali, and Murphy Lee, helped catapult sales of the Nike sneaker according to Nelly. Now he believes he should have gotten some residuals for increasing revenue for the company. In a clip gone viral of the Country Grammar singer on an episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex, he expressed how the song brought hype to the shoe originally produced in 1982.

This actually isn’t the first time Nelly has mentioned his hand in Air Force 1’s being so cool. In 2020 he spoke out after a debate sparked that A$AP Rocky took credit for making the sneaker popular. During an interview with The Breakfast Club he said, “The same year after we made our song, shot our video, and had our tour. I don’t know what A$AP is on, or whatever he’s talking about, but if he’s in any doubt, all he gotta do is ask Nike. They sponsored our whole tour that year. We had a whole Air Force 1 that flew from the back of the stadium to the front of the stage during every show.” Now in 2022, Nike sells over 800 million pair per year ! 


See the full episode below with Nelly hanging out in Atlanta’s ‘A Ma Maniere’ . During the episode he also talks about his friendship with Michael Jordan and special shoes for his appearance on “Dancing With The Stars.”

In addition to making headlines with his Nike fiasco, the Grammy award winning rapper along with hip-hop icon Lil Wayne gave the internet some 2000’s nostalgia as they went live together on Instagram! Fans couldn’t figure out what was funnier, Wayne confused about the comments or Nelly acting like he didn’t know what a filter was?

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