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The stoner’s favorite holiday of 420 is upon us today (April 20) and naturally, there are all kinds of goodies on the market for all. Below, we’ve compiled a “quick hit” of 420 goodies for the tokers and imbibers in your life.

For over 150 years, Zig-Zag has produced rolling papers and other related accessories and it makes perfect sense that 420 figures prominently in their business. Below, we’re featuring their array of Hemp Wraps, skateboards, and its newest must-have item, the 1K Box.

The brand offers three versions of its snazzy hemp rolling papers, coming in flavors of Natural, OG Purp, Blue Dream, and Island Vibes. Learn more by clicking here.

For the skaters out there, Zig-Zag has a small but eye-catching array of skateboards worth your time. Check them out here. If you’re having issues finding the boards, just hit the search bar and it’ll get you right there.

The big haul for 420 this year, however, is Zig-Zag’s 1K Gold Stash box. Via a raffle system, 100 customers will be gifted the stash box that will have some of Zig-Zag’s most premium offerings, including a solid gold 14K mouthpiece, gold leaf cones, and a whole lot more. Check it out here.


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Higher Standards, a well-known luxury lifestyle brand for smokers, partnered with Berner’s always booming VIBES brand for an exclusive launch featuring the works of artist Keith Haring. The K.Haring Glass Collection by Higher Standards puts a spotlight on glassware emblazoned with the work of the late artist. Learn more here.


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Wiz Khalifa, a name that is pretty much linked to all things cannabis, recently rolled out Stündenglass, the world’s first gravity-powered infuser. To celebrate 420, a number of nationwide events are taking place all week long in New York. To learn more about Stündenglass, click here. To get in on some of the citywide celebrations, click here and here.

We’ve featured the aforementioned VIBES brand before on these pages and we think it’s a smart move to head over to their site right now to take in their 420 sales. Check them out here.


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Happy 420!

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