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The Russia-Ukraine War just got a lot stickier now that the United States has committed to helping Ukraine after an emotional plea from President Zelensky. During his address, he showed a video that compares life of Ukraine before versus after the war. During his address to U.S. Congress and millions of Americans, he explains how desperate the Ukrainians are as Russia fights to gain control of the land. WARNING: The video below can be triggering.

President Biden watched the address from his home in his private library and thought Zelensky’s speech was very genuine. As a response to Zelensky, Biden promises to provide more military aid to Ukraine as well as additional funds for humanitarian relief efforts.  Jen Psaki, the U.S. Press Secretary said that the U.S. has been in close contact with Ukrainians in diplomatic efforts, but says its hard to negotiate when Russia continues to be aggressive.  President Biden is expected to meet with NATO allies next week to discuss where things are “on the ground” in Ukraine, in addition to joining European leaders to impose economic costs on Russia and discuss ways to address future challenges that may surface after the war.  Watch below President Biden’s response to the Ukrainian people.

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