Now we all know our girl Keyshia always has us feeling like..


However, things are different this time, and sis is really going to need our support. Remember when Keyshia Cole had her reality shows “The Way It Is” ,”Keyshia & Daniel: Family First” , and  “All In” on BET? She shared secrets behind the mic and into her personal life, including the relationship with her mom Frankie Lons. She was definitely a stand out character with her jokes and sassy attitude as her and Keyshia worked together to build their relationship.


Unfortunately, according to TMZ Frankie Lons, Keyshia’s mom, passed away last night due to overdose as she was celebrating her 61st birthday. Frankie had suffered several years of addiction, and Keyshia openly talked about her mothers struggles while continuing to show support no matter how hard things got.  Here’s a clip from her in 2018 as her mom prepared to go to rehab.

Sending Love & Light to the family and friends of Frankie Lons.




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