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TikTok video of racist in Ross

Source: @Maddens.Mama / TikTok

A TikTok video that has since gone viral depicted a white woman inside a Ross Dress For Less store who unleashed a racist and violent tirade against the store’s Black manager. The manager, ignoring the white woman’s ranting and raving, casually asked the woman to leave but not before she was called a “monkey” in the process.

In the video, uploaded by Maddens.Mama, the white woman is agitated for some unknown and is being asked to leave the store by the manager, who is largely unphased by the woman’s racist theatrics.

“You ignorant mother f*cking bi*ch is what you are,” the white woman is seen saying while snatching her goods in a huff and leaving the store. The manager tells the woman point blank that her insults aren’t landing and that she should leave.

“Call it racism,” the woman added. “F*ck you, you f*cking Black b*tch.”

The manager cooly responded, “That doesn’t bother me.”

Perhaps in a moment of embarrassment or frustration, the white woman, nearly all the way out the store, threw a racist parting shot but clearly didn’t want the smoke and left after calling the manager a monkey.

For what it’s worth, the manager wasn’t having it and looked prepared to hand out the taper and the fade if needed. Had it gotten physical and Koo-Koo Karen decided to touch gloves, she might have found herself on the pavement outside of the Ross with her pride totally shattered.

It isn’t known as of yet if the white woman’s tirade sparked interest from local authorities.


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