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Jim Jones on The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / The Breakfast Club

Jim Jones is one of the most inspirational success stories in Hip-Hop having gone from Cam’ron’s hype man to rapper to entrepreneur.

From investing in the marijuana business to creating his own crypto currency, Capo has been on his business grizzly while continuing to drop new music with Harry Fraud. Looking to make dough on everything from Charlamange’s book to the interview itself, Jones is a man on a money mission and he’s willing to impart his knowledge on listeners interested in flipping whatever they can online.

Today the Dip Set capo sat down with Charlamagne Tha God while Angela Yee and DJ Envy zoomed in and opened up about his business ventures, Fred The Godson encouraging him to chase the rap bag and helping put Supreme on the map.

Here are the 7 things we learned from Jim Jones on The Breakfast Club.

Jim Jones’ Quarantine Studios is a set-up that helps people get in touch with entertainment lawyers, graphic designers, publicists, and DJ’s. Interestingly enough Jones also uses it to record music using virtual reality in real time and can have people virtually join in him the studio. He used it to record his album with Harry Fraud who he still hasn’t met in person. Again, Jones on some next ish.

Jones feels that had social media been a thing back in the 00’s, it would’ve helped catapult Dip Set to icon status as they would’ve used it to reach fans across the globe. As for when the next Dip Set project, Jones says they’re getting ready to get back in the studio to lay down some tracks. Maybe they’ll do it virtually.

Jim Jones remembers years ago being put on to “this guy that sound like a nerd but he was rapping his ass off. His name was Drake.” The guy who put him on asked Jim what he should do with the new talent and Jim didn’t have an answer for him at the time. Imagine Drake would’ve been on Dip Set? That would’ve been hella weird.

Jim says he’s willing to put up a million to go two-on-two with Quavo and Jack Harlow in a basketball game. He willing to give Cam’ron a month to get into shape so they can ball together for that milli. That would be a great precursor to the upcoming NBA playoffs or something.

Speaking on Fred The Godson, Jim says he remembers a 14-year-old Fred coming up to Harlem to freestyle with Un Casa. He says that Fred actually convinced him to get into the booth and lay it down. “He really brang me out my shell when it came to recording.” Rest in Peace, Godson.

Though Jim Jones helped put Supreme on the culture’s map with his participation in their rollout, he says he doesn’t think they owe him anything even though the hottest street brand out now only paid him $15K at the time. “We introduced them to the game. Did we put them directly into making that money? Yes. Was we smart enough to know that they would get that big? No. But I got mines out of it and I’m comfortable, ya dig? He still wouldn’t mind some royalties though.

Though he and French Montana had crazy beef back in the day, Jim admits that he never knew French nor what kind of person he was and is happy to be cool with him nowadays. “He’s a dope brother.”

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