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The Plano Police Department released a statement regarding the incident where a welfare check ended with a black 18-year-old in handcuffs. But they missed the mark, so I’m gonna help teach them how to say sorry.

5. Actually Apologize!

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According to the Plano PD press release, arresting a teenager walking home from work is an “opportunity for the entire community to realize we can all do better….” What did black people do wrong in this incident?? Stop using them resume ass words and just say “aye we messed up, our bad.” Is that against your code of ethics?

4. Use Your Words

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The press release says the charges were dropped because “the arrest wasn’t consistent with the reason officers were there.” Neither was the arrest of any of the Central Park 5, but I guess it’s cool cause they got a Netflix series. How about saying “the cops had no business putting this kid in cuffs and arresting him.” See, that wasn’t hard.

3. Understand the Problem

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The press release says “we respect and trust our police officers.” Lemme stop you right there. Cause I’m DAMN SURE not in this “we” you speak of. And until you understand why black people would be afraid of an organization that started as a way to re-capture their ancestors for the intended purpose of torture, then you’ll never get it.

2. Stop Hiding

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According to the press release, “Chief Drain has already reached out to community leaders..” Did you reach out to the young man your officers took to jail?? TD Jakes and Benjamin Crump can’t save you. If that’s the case, let me run over your dog then apologize to the Humane Society.

1. Stop Killing Us!

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The best apology, is changed behavior. Imagine if you DIDN’T walk around in fear for your life..? And I’m talking about the black people scared of the police! So maybe if cops here stop shooting women while they babysit their nephew (Atatiana Jefferson of Fort Worth), killing people for eating ice cream in their own home (Botham Jean of Dallas), and stop arresting teenagers for walking home from work (RJ Reece of Plano), I’d actually believe you.