The Beat DFW Daily Video

You mean to tell me, Dani Leigh and Da Baby are done?? Yes. And I have a feeling she’s been telling herself some of the things below:

5. This is Better for my Career – Hey. You’re the yellow bone that he wanted, but went back to the chocolate baby mama, or whatever your song says. He prolly broke up with you because that song was so trash. And now you can make better music, so the next man you buy a car for, won’t drive out of your life.

4. I’m Gonna Focus on Myself – All Dani Leigh said on her Instagram story was “officially single.” But it don’t even matter what happened; she  thought the key to Da Baby’s heart, was through the keys to a car…a car she bought him. Yea, focus on your career. Focusing on a man clearly ain’t work.

3. I Deserve Better – You know what sis, I agree. You deserve a man who’s not still sleeping with his baby mama. We all been there. You buy bae a car, then he….wait. Naw I ain’t never done nothing that stupid. You DO deserve better. But DO better first.

2. I Could Have Anyone I Want! – Dani Leigh is a semi- successful artist who happens to be very beautiful. And I’m sure sis can get any basketball, football, or lacrosse player she wanted. Doesn’t mean they won’t let her for their baby moms, but at least maybe this time, they’ll buy HER the car.

1. I Ain’t Want Him No Way – Well of course you didn’t sweetie! He never claimed you, and he clearly still slides the sausage to his baby moms. But sugar now I’m confused. You buy cars for people you DON’T want?? If that’s the case, do you like girls? No? Well lemme shoot my shot so I can get on the list of people you DON’T want!