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I asked a guy if he was looking for a better job, and he told me I wouldn’t understand because I don’t have kids. Welp, here are some things YOU don’t understand either:

5. Kids Have Feelings Too


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So you telling me the first time you were depressed, was when you saw your light bill? Then stop telling your kids they don’t know what stress is, because they don’t have bills! School is stressful, you can’t cook, they know that’s not they daddy…they have a reason to be stressed!

4. Other Things Make You Tired Too

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I’ll never forget telling my homeboy I was tired, and him saying “TIRED?!? You don’t know what tired is, you don’t have kids!” So the first time you felt exhaustion was after watching your kid for 2 hours until your wife got home to resume raising him. If so, I see why she don’t let you raise the kids.

3. You Can Be Broke without Kids

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Believe it or not, people without kids have bills as well. And sometimes, they have just enough money to pay it, then have very little left over. I know this may be hard to believe, since the first time you ever struggled financially was after giving birth….but trust me. Everybody poor.

2. We Don’t CARE!

Tekashi 6ix9ine

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You can’t kick it no more, you bad built, Baby Shark is back…hey, none of that is my fault, and to be honest…I don’t caaaarrrre!! Stop blaming me for being able to live freely; I’m on birth control!

1. We KNOW We Don’t Have Kids!!

Living Single Cast

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Whenever someone hits me with the “you wouldn’t understand, you don’t have kids,” I know I won the argument. Tell me again that you’re staying with your cheating ass husband because of the kids. They know he cheating, and they really need therapy because of it, and your daughter is hoping you’ll show her that you don’t have to stay with a cheater. But what do I know? I don’t have kids…