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Since both presidential candidates want to use rappers to push their message forward, here’s why it’s important to remember to take everything they say with a grain of salt.

5. They’re Bad for Your Credit – How many Patek watches do you have? Birkin bags? How you tryna get a Audemars and you don’t even have an AUTOMOBILE?? Don’t let these rappers have you homeless. You better look up to your boss…and ask for a raise.

4. They’re Bad for Your Ears – So you’re telling me, you can recite a 42 Dugg song word for word? You knew what Lil Baby was saying, the FIRST time you heard him?? How you gone look up to someone and you don’t even know what they mumbling??

3. They’re Bad for Your Health – We went from albums named “The Chronic,” to it being cool to rap about using “the cocaine.” Lemme find out you looking up to a crackhead like Lil Wayne. Cause the only difference in crack and cocaine…is racism.

2. They’re Bad for Your IQ – BOB told you the earth is flat, Kanye told you Harriet Tubman didn’t free the slaves, Wayne told you Trump DOES care about black people. Is this your king?? Cause if so, ima introduce yourself to an 8th grade science teacher, and google.

1. They’re Bad for Your Self-Esteem – Of course you have people like Rapsody and Killa Mike who are speaking knowledge. But your extra stupid ass is gone “ask for a car while you ride that…” Sis!! HE…had to ride that bus, to get to your house! How bout you look up to someone with a career and some coins…and ask if their job is hiring.