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My friends really think I can just get them in any club. So now, I make them wait. Here’s why you should too:

5. To Help the Promoter

Hennesy Tailgate Party

Source: Reagan Elam / Reagan

You and I both know that they make people wait in line so that people driving by can look at say “oooh it’s popping in there!” But hear me out: without the promoter promoting, there would be no club to go to. So wait in line those lil 15 minutes. You can’t walk in those shoes anyway, might as well stand in one spot.

4. To See if it’s Worth It

William 'Flava Flav' Drayton Court Appearance

Source: Steven A Henry / Getty

Picture bothering your famous friend to get in the club free, and it looks like a Ugly Persons Convention. If you would’ve gotten in line, you could’ve peeped the people around you. But nooo…since you so important, let one of these facially-challenged people buy you a drink.

3. To Scope out the Competition

Veda Loca Susan G. Komen

Source: Susan G. Komen Dallas / Susan G. Komen Dallas

You got ready and the first thing you said was “oooh ima kill these hoes!” Well if you wait in line, you can see exactly what “these hoes” are wearing, as they walk past you and go right in the club. Hopefully it’ll convince you to take that wig and wash it.

2. To Humble Yourself

Medical Worker Adjusting Female Patient Oxygen Mask

Source: Tempura / Getty

Listen I don’t wait in line at the club. Know why? I’m on the radio! I’m not saying your job isn’t important: you’re my favorite lab tech. But until people tune in to hear lab techs do…lab tech stuff…just face it: you’re not VIP! Anybody can wear scrubs!

1. To Keep Your Friendships

Nas and Erykah Badu perform at State farm arena

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

I love my friends, they know this. But they act like I can get them into Erykah Badu’s house, just because I’m on radio. Do I look like Veda Loca?? Keep asking me for favors and Ima say your name and give you all the fame you think you already have.

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