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I loooove waking up on my own terms! Here are some ways you should try:

5. Breakfast in Bed

Food Packaged

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Nothing like the smell of pop tarts and imitation orange juice to get the juices flowing! It might not be 5-Star, but she tried.

4. A “Good Morning, Beautiful” Text

Distant learning from home is not always easy because of many distractions. A teenage girl sitting on a bed and working with a laptop and smartphone at the same time, when her oldest sister doing the same in the backdrop.

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He seemed cool, you had fun on the date…but did he feel the same…? Well that text is all the confirmation you need! Get your man, girl.

3. Morning Sex

Low section part of gay couple in bed.

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Stank breath and all, you love that man. So you can spare 7 minutes before you get ready. And there’s nothing more romantic than having a potential unplanned pregnancy on your mind for the rest of the day.

2. Quietly!!

Oncology patient taking nap on the couch

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The dog didn’t bark. The kids are at they daddy house. You’re off work. So you know what you woke up to? Peace and quiet!!! Now hurry up and put your phone on silent before it’s ruined.

1. A Cash App Notification


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And you went to sleep mad because you and bae got into it. But this how you know that’s a good man. Cause even though you were wrong, he remembered you said you needed a little something til pay day. If you leave him, I’m sliding in his DMs the NEXT day.