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My homegirl has been with the same guy for 2 years and they’re still not official. Here’s why they never will be:

5. “I’m Not Ready”

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Y’all use condoms…? Umhm. So he’s not ready to commit to a relationship, but is risking a lifelong relationship with Herpes, AIDS, or worse – a kid…he’s never gonna be ready to be with you. He don’t want you.

4. “I’m Focused on my Career Right Now”


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Listen sis, you gone have to understand. Waking up at 2 pm, smoking a half a ounce of trees, and completing one rap verse for his new SoundCloud mixtape…requires A LOT of concentration. So play your role…and pay for this studio time. Don’t be selfish, damn.

3. “I’m With Her Because of the Baby”

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The “baby” is 9 years old, and knows his daddy cheats on his mommy. He actually needs therapy due to his knowledge of being to blame for his parents staying together and being miserable…but anywho. Yea he’s still with her; she pays the bills and won’t put him out.

2. “You Deserve Better Than Me”



See now I really hate this one. How you gone tell ME what I deserve?? How do you know this girl doesn’t wanna date someone who doesn’t pay his child support, cheats on her with her cousin, has no job and no goals? She might wanna live the rest of her life with regret, who are you to stop her??

1. “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

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Listen, this is rarely the truth. This man has a side baby, he don’t clean his fingernails, and he doesn’t wipe front to back. He’s given you every reason to leave him. So he’s wrong. It’s not him, it’s YOU…..yes you, being dumb for thinking he’s gonna commit to you.