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The “No Limit Chronicles” made its debut last night on BET, and after learning even more about Master P, we’re well past due giving this man his flowers. Here’s why:

5. He’s Not Diddy

Memorial Service For George Floyd Held In Minneapolis

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Master P signed his record deal and owned his own masters. You know who else owned their masters? His artists. Meanwhile the members of 112 are still suing Diddy for their royalties. That’s what southern hospitality gets you.

4. He’s a Magician


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Be real; you know Silkk the Shocker couldn’t rap. But we bought it. Silkk was Cassie, before Cassie. And went platinum. David Blaine couldn’t have made that happen.

3. He’s a Gentleman

2020 Mardi Gras

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While everyone was busy exploiting female rappers, Master P introduced the “Unladylike Diva.” Mia X came out in fur coats, jerseys, clothes that covered her nipples…and was spitting! Now I know we could talk about Mercedes, but nobody bought her album so it doesn’t count.

2. He Didn’t Get Tired

Master P Hot 107.9 with Reec

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P was a rapper, actor, record exec, real estate agent, fashion CEO, telecommunications entrepreneur…Kevin Gates was just rapping; Master P really had SIX JOBS.

1. He’s a Role Model

Lifetime Television's "Megachurch Murder" Premiere Screening

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If you’re a black boy from the projects, what better role model than a family man who put his people on, and was a self-made millionaire? Which is why he had an action figure. A successful businessman who went from the projects to the penthouse, and kept those ugly ass gold teeth and Versace glasses through it all. THAT…is a No Limit Soldier.